We are in our own dedicated Gluten Free kitchen free from tree nuts and peanuts! Did you know we also have dairy free and vegan options? Since we make everything in-house we are able to do almost every flavour in vegan form. The num is for everyone!

Calgary’s Original Gluten Free Artisan Donuts & More


Our Story

My love of cooking ignited at an early age, the next thing that ignited was my mom’s kitchen. (Sorry Mom) Once the house was rebuilt and I was allowed to cook again, I went on to carefully develop my love of cooking and build on my skills.

I meet the love of my life while I was working as an insurance broker. Although I enjoyed the challenges my career gave me, the job didn’t allow for much creativity. My wife also loves to cook and bake so we would often find ourselves creating beautiful meals together instead of going out.

I took a leap of faith and signed up for a farmers market. I was going to become a weekend donut warrior. People loved my donuts, they thought they were innovative and unique.

This is when I knew were on to something. I left the corporate world behind and became a baker. I want my gluten free baking to be an experience unto themselves, and so I treat them as such. I am always talking about different inspirations that I can make into the next goodie. Since I couldn’t just stop at donuts I now have brownies, tarts, cheesecakes, and the best cinnamon buns I even offer vegan and dairy free in addition to our gluten free line up. It’s always an honour to have a products people can enjoy after years of not being able to and it has brought a tear to a few eyes.

We Proudly Support

The Alberta Cultural Society of the Deaf (ACSD)

ASCD works to give Deaf and Hard of Hearing Albertans an opportunity to express their ideas and develop their skill and talents; to preserve and teach Deaf Culture and promote excellence in cultural endeavors among Deaf and Hard of Hearing Albertans; foster Deaf pride; to encourage use and recognition of ASL (American Sign Language) as a distinct language; to further enlighten the larger hearing society regarding the capabilities of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons.

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of flour do you use in your donuts?

We blend our own GF flour using rice flours, xanthan gum and tapioca flour/starch, some blends also include potato starch, or milk powder

Are your donuts peanut/tree-nut free?

We only use peanut-free, tree-nut free products or products that do not contain any ‘may contain’ warnings.

Do your donuts have soy or corn?

We don’t use soy products although the chocolates we have do contain soy lecithin. We also do not use corn flour, corn starch or corn syrup but icing sugar does contain small amounts of cornstarch.

Are you in a Gluten-Free Kitchen?

Yes, we have our own dedicated Gluten-Free kitchen free from any peanuts and tree-nuts.

Do you do custom donuts for special events?

We have done a variety of custom donuts, from beer infused donuts to gender reveal. Email us with what you are wanting and let’s see what we can come up with. We have also done a few weddings and are always honoured to be part of your big day.

Do you use food colourings or artificial flavours?

All of our flavours come from natural ingredients. We do not use any food colourings in our donuts, all our colours are achieved by using the natural colour of fruits, teas, or chocolates etc. While we don’t use food colouring we do have some fun sprinkles that contain food colourings.

Where can I find you? Where do you sell your donuts?

We currently deliver to coffee shops, grocery stores and mercantiles. Click on our Find Us page to see where.

Do you have a Vegan/Plant Based or Dairy Free Products?

We have amazing vegan donuts in chocolate cake and vanilla cake donuts and they are available almost any of our flavours, we also have dairy free brownies and vegan cinnamon buns and vegan chocolate chip cookies.

My Question isn’t here…

Please email us with any questions not covered here, we would be happy to answer anything.